Buying Farmed Insects SAVES & PROTECTS!

Buying Farmed Insects SAVES & PROTECTS!

“Collecting and buying Tropical insects destroys and causes extinction” – A common statement by those who know nothing! Read on for the truth!

Larry J. Orsak Ph.D. (World Wildlife Fund advisor) explains how butterfly harvesting protects butterfly species!

“…collecting or buying tropical butterflies seems nothing less than a way to speed up their extinction. Right? Wrong! Those who equate killing butterflies with destroying butterflies don’t know much about butterflies, the tropics, or what strategies have gotten people in developing countries to save their forests.
The fact is, buying tropical insects for your collection may be the best investment you ever made in tropical forest protection.

It may surprise you to learn that butterfly collecting actually helps the Earth’s ecology since it allows local people to raise butterflies to support their families, giving them an incentive to maintain the rain forests and jungles!

By supporting these farming efforts the land can be kept profitable for the locals without the need to resort to drastic deforestation or industrialisation.

If you are an expert in Entomological fields and can help verify that Tropical insect farms actually benefit both locals and the environment then please e-mail your observations here; – Your support is most appreciated.